About us


I would like to personally thank you for Visiting!!

I have been fascinated with Railroading my entire life and picked up Model R.R.  and collecting as a hobby.

As a Train Engineer I've been fascinated for over 33 Years.

I have been fortunate to have been able to live and see all types of Railroading and the cargo we handled.

So this is what my collection off R.R. gave me.

Our products are mostly one of a kind.

You may never see them anywhere, except in a Distance  Model R.R. Club.

We have been over 14 Years selling only at Model R.R. Train Shows up and down the west coast mostly.

As being introduced to all these wonderful things.

I would like to help the Community with building your own model R.R. with only the best and of course the

most unique Cars you may have in your collection.

I'm proud to say that most of our loads are made in the USA.

Being around the Rail Road gave me hands on experience to bring to the Model World.

Detail is a must when it comes to creating  your own personalized domain!

Why go anywhere else when you can choose



S O M E T H I N G        D I F F E R E N T



   Thank you

   - Peter

contact us at:      p_tr_eng @ hotmail.com